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Hobby #1: Comics by Simon Gärdenfors

There’s something about the Swedes. My first experience with Swedish comics came in college when a librarian from Malmö came to Chicago and bought a minicomic I was selling on consignment. He contacted me, and I started sending him more comics for him to fill out the ranks of the [...]

Andromeda Issue Ten by Anthony Ferguson, Stephanie Neary, Lizzee Solomon, Nate McDonough & Daniel McCloskey, Andy Scott, Joe Probition, Artnoose, Jeremy Northrup, Tom Dewing, and James LaVecchia.

I’d like to give a shout-out to a growing fellowship of hungry young dynamos from my native Pittsburgh. Andromeda has come out at a rate of a little more [...]

Take a look at this cover. This is a comic published by Dark Horse in 1993.

Now, since this is a comic that’s clearly trying to succeed by virtue of its premise alone, you probably examined the cover for just long enough to discern that Godzilla is fighting Charles Barkley. Look closer, dear reader, because Godzilla [...]